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Dock Building

Teamwork . . . The Key to Our Success

When our customers stop to visit the Super Duty dock building facility there is no mistake that we take dock building seriously. The Co-Owner team of Ernie Pattyn and John D. “Butch” Carter run a pretty tight ship. Butch is in charge of sales and Ernie oversees the dock building processes.

The Super Duty employees take pride in the docks we manufacture. As our business has grown, so has our team of employees, and all employees must learn each step in the dock building process to maintain the hectic pace. With our busy schedule, the employees hustle to stay on top of the challenge to keep up during the busy summer months.

We maintain a schedule of long hours and much overtime from March to November. From the day the steel is delivered until the day our finished product is shipped, every detail is checked and rechecked to make sure that our docks are the best in the industry. We don’t rest until the customer is satisfied.