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Jet Docks

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Exterior Tubular Bunk System Provides lateral stability to craft during drive-on and boarding of passengers.

Keel Guidance Track Recessed area to guide and center craft during drive-on.

Keel Deflection System – Ultra-tough HDPE cylinder lends initial lift to craft at the start of drive-on.

Perimeter Cleats – Provide convenient tie-off to the perimeter.

Buoyancy Beam – Provides both lateral support of the upper-dock structure and additional lift capabilities for large craft (Patent Pending).

High Torque Fasteners – Provide strength and stability at all connecting points where cleats or connecting pins are not used.  Cylindrical design enables the convenient connection of both mooring lines and marine fenders.

Winch-Assisted Launch System – “Z” Pully design pull craft backward for launching.

Winch Turret – Assists in drawing craft forward to the proper overnight storage position.

Interior Tubular Bunk System – Maintains uniform support of craft about the keel, minimizing surface contact and friction.